Apple Watch: Friend or Foe?

I am on the fence about Apple's latest release of the Apple Watch... is it just another piece of technology that I will get bored of like I did the FitBit? 80% of FitBit users discarded the bracelet after just 6 months of use. The battery life is also a problem. If this is supposed to replace my watch, but it doesn't have the battery life to stay illuminated what good does it do? It needs to be charged every night no matter what, which just seems impractical for a fashion accessory.

I know the biggest bonus of this device is the push notification feature, every email, text, tweet or Facebook message can be pushed to my wrist. But I ask, do I really want another electronic thing to check all the time? I can picture it now, I'm at lunch with a friend and I've made the conscious decision to keep my phone in my bag so I'm not tempted to get distracted and check it. Now however, I have easy access 24/7 right in plain view. When people are already having trouble disconnecting these days, isn't this just another in-your-face distraction?

I get that the apps are also intriguing, most perhaps being the two fitness apps that come pre-loaded. It allows you to track the standard stuff, heart rate, and steps but the watch nags at you when you've been too sedentary. However it can't differentiate whether you're working or driving in your car. Great, so now on-top of my own self-loathing because I didn't hit the gym that morning, now I get judged by my watch? No thanks.

I'm most interested in the Apple Watch when our environments become more customized. Example, I walk into my favorite coffee shop and my apple watch pings their digital system to start making my favorite coffee which is then automatically payed for all without me having to launch anything. When that is possible, I'll be the first one in line to buy that watch.