IHOP Logo Redesign

IHOP has redesigned their logo after almost 20 years. The chain launched in Los Angeles in 1958 and has since built an empire of more than 1600 locations nationwide.

I like the update personally, it leans into their "friendly, no nonsense" brand vibe and feels welcoming. I can't say that I frequent IHOP on a regular basis, but the memories I DO have of going their are all filled with warm fuzzies. Whether it's all the choices of pancakes and syrups or the never-ending cheap coffee -- it's all good as far as I'm concerned.

Curious to see what the "Summer of Smiles" campaign, that roles out along with this new logo, will look like. No doubt they are trying to leverage some recent momentum in their domestic sales growth. I say "Good Luck IHOP." I hope you're filling bellies with pancakes for years to come!