Convoy Has Launched!


We’re very pleased to announce that the new version of Convoy has launched!

This fall, Greyland partnered with the design lead at Convoy, Jason Kopec, to implement a refreshed and expanded design to better reflect the expanding features of the company and its evolving design aesthetic.

Using their existing Wordpress codebase, Greyland developers modified the existing theme to allow Convoy to have much greater control over their content - both in page text and in reusable content such as signup forms and press releases.

We really enjoyed the route map design features

We really enjoyed the route map design features

We find that often a large frustration for site managers is a complicated design that will end up requiring a large amount of hard-coding of content pieces. This unfortunately undermines the intent of CMSs - to give admins and editors control.

However, it can also be the case that an obvious solution like a huge textarea that gives editors control is almost just as hardcoded if the WYSIWYG is filled with complicated <div> structures and class labeling. The middle ground is instead to leverage the Custom Fields plugin, theme options, and custom post types to allow ease of editing on the backend while avoiding heavy reliance on the WYSIWYG. In other words, break things up into separate fields.

The trick of course is to avoid getting things too unwieldy. This is where custom plugins can be useful, further subdividing content types as with Convoy where we decided to break press items and forms into their own pieces so that pages that leveraged this content wouldn’t also have to be burdened with more complexity.


In all, Convoy was a fantastic design team to work with and we hope this site will generate even more success for this growing trucking company. For Greyland, it was an opportunity to practice properly migrating a legacy site to a new content management format and design while still preserving existing work. It’s a great example of how Wordpress’s simple templating system and field system can deliver fast results with a lot of visual and content complexity.